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Welcome to the AKINS family information pages.

Welcome to the AKINS / ETIENNE Family Archives. This archive is in two parts, the first is my direct line going back to 1640 in the village of Courtemaîche in the mountains of Switzerland near the French border. The second part contains data on over 30,000 people that are a part of my family or my wife's family one way or another. The archives and family cards, trees and other charts are created using the Reunion program.

To use the archive select a surname then select a first name from the list. This will give you a family card for this person. By selecting others shown on the family card you will go to a family card for that person. To the right of the main names on the family card is a small tree which will produce a family tree for that person.

This information is based on various documents, records, tombstones, interviews and family stories. There may be mistakes and missing data and some information may change from time to time. This information is correct to the best of my knowledge

The information in my database is available to family members and those researching these families free of charge for their personal use. This information cannot be sold or used as advertisement. Any information or corrections you would like to add will be welcome. Please email to clemakins@gmail.com to send or exchange information. Hope you enjoy the pages, thanks for stopping by. I am always changing and updating something on the pages so do visit again soon.

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